Why you will love Cushion Vinyl floors

Since its invention in 1920, vinyl has gone from inexpensive, durable flooring material with not so exciting designs to a trendy and luxury flooring material that is still great value for money. Forget all you know about vinyl and discover one of the most surprising flooring materials there is to find.

What is vinyl?

Vinyl is a material invented in 1920 by scientists who were looking for an easy to make, durable and cheap material. These qualities make up for an ideal flooring material, which is the most common application of vinyl today.

Is vinyl stylish?

Style doesn’t come cheap. This expression stands most of the time but not in the case of vinyl. Although vinyl floors used to be rather low in price and boring looking, they are the opposite today. Nowadays, it’s hard to tell the difference between vinyl and real wood or tiles. Discover our vinyl designs and different uses in our lookbooks.